a girl sharing bits of
her passion for fashion and life through writing 

this is where I'll catch the magic when it falls

i am a creative and fashion writer. 
i see the world in colors, 
colors that become the words i use to paint it all. 

it's like wading out into the ocean where you expect it to be just knee deep and then that one step brings you suddenly in over your head. those are the waters i live for.

i plan for them and prepare my spread of journals, pens and espresso. sometimes it meets me just as expected, other times not. and other days it hits me surprisingly in ways and sounds i couldn't have imagined- and those are my favorite. 
there's no panic to find my footing or scrambling back to shore, but i bathe and swim deep in those waters,
my heart wide open as if i could swallow them•
and this is where i'll share them, bits and pieces of words that i write.

- danielle jacqueline